The heartbreak, grieving, aggression and divides these days do us only harm.  They  create a false narrative about our national cancer. It is not racism, economic disparity, the pandemic, or politics.  Those are all symptoms. The problem is the human brain chemically altered by toxic stress.

Our new book, The Stress Solution, presents a new way to release toxic stress and create the sense of purpose and joy that nourish our spirits and enable us to regain our emotional and physical health. One of the most irritating aspects of the new "fifth wave" of behaviorism based on targeting the modifiable root cause of our suffering is that it works, and it works rapidly.

The human brain isn't used to that radical change in our resilience and it fights back with overthinking, numbness or a striking desire for alcohol, sugar, salty-crunchy foods, streaming videos or an Amazon binge. The book came out of nearly 40 years of study of stress, addiction, emotions and human development, all rooted in emotional neuroplasticity. What took me so long other than the need to wait for more scientific discoveries was my own stress problems. I was too involved in making the method effective for trauma and addiction to stand back and appreciate that 80 percent of the benefit of the method, Emotional Brain Training, would come from ONE technique, a technique that can be performed in four minutes.

Now, with Covid, the elections, wildfires, systemic racism, riots, and more distracting us from addressing the root cause of all of it, this book has special importance. At the higher levels of stress, every domain of life goes on the fritz and each extreme fuels the others.

Imagine being in Brain State 4 or 5 and using simple tools to get on the brain's radical resiliency pathway and finding yourself at Brain State 1 or 2 in four minutes. That's stressful!  Then, do it again and the brain begins to get into the habit of radical resiliency. All those troubles abate, which is even more distressing as we are easily comforted by having problems to think about. Now, we think about one thing, which is my brain state. If I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed, anxious or depressed, hungry for no reason or terribly lonely, I use the emotional technique of the stress vaccine, a simple form of Emotional Brain Training and think clearly, feel joyous, experience intimacy, adopt healthy habits and feel healthy with a zest for life.

If you would like to experience that, read our new book, The Stress Solution, and join the movement to eradicate toxic stress. That is the solution, using the power of the human brain to be in joy and purpose.