Sunday mornings are special for Walt and me. The 14-hour workdays of the week cease, and we read the paper, relax, and have a "nice"  breakfast.

This morning I didn't feel nice. My body felt "bad," and I was confused about why. On a conscious level, things are going well – nobody in our family is in the hospital, and many happy occasions are coming up. I get to see my grandchildren who live in upstate New York next weekend, and well, many blessings are coming our way.

Feeling bad for no reason

I said to Walt, "I feel bad. My body hurts, and most of all, I'm confused; I don't know why I feel so bad."

He looked kindly at me, the sort of guy who could roll their eyes but does not. Later, he told me that I had been white as a sheet, physiologically compromised, and had no loving energy to send his way. I was a "dud."

I needed to do a Cycle.

It turns out that my 4 Tool unleashed a lot of complaints, most of which I had no idea were lurking there in my unconscious mind.  

It was one of those broad Be Positive Tools, and my Just the Facts (The Situation Is...) ranged from the day before when we realized we didn't have the time and other resources to adopt a horse given to us by a friend, realizations that our kids don't need us anymore, awareness of aging and dwindling energy and about ten other things.

All normal and part of LIFE.

Feeling good by spiraling up

After I moved through the Cycle, I felt that lightness and tingle. I had changed my physiology. All aspects of my life now looked rather rosy.

Walt knew the drill and went right on to give me a Connecting Message. Walt is not only my best friend and more, but he's a great "ever-ready" connection buddy. Clearly, we're a Spiral Up Couple. We use EBT in one form or another with each other daily.

After his Connecting Message, I felt even better. He was smiling broadly.

Still a little testy, I asked, "What are you smiling about?"

He said, "Now you have color in your face. You're smiling, too. You felt bad because you were suppressing your feelings and didn't even know it. I'm smiling because I am happy YOU are HAPPY again."

Eat for hunger, not addiction, and enjoy every bite

That made all the difference – that connection. Now I was at ONE and hungry. The waffle was cold, but as I have rewired my Food Circuit, not using food as an addiction wire was bothering me.

I could eat to satisfy my hunger, and I could enjoy every bite. That's what I did. It turned out to be a lovely breakfast and the start of a "who knows what could happen" day, and time to do my best to be at ONE.