As participation in organized religion wanes and the election chaos begins to pass, many people are looking for a new way to attach to all that is good in life.

One option is EBT. The emotional brain is the seat of the soul, as thoughts divide us and the unconscious mind is where wisdom, connection, and bliss reside. With EBT, no dogma is involved, just science, and just simple techniques to arrive at such a sublime state of connection that we do not have to look for spirituality. It finds us.

How could it be that EBT is a unifying spiritual path? All major religions incorporate love: not only doing unto others what you would want them to do unto you, the Golden Rule. Then the thinking brain gets in the way, taking those pure messages from the emotional brain and concretizing it with language, dogma, rules, and procedures. That's where problems begin.

I have a spiritual tradition, which is Christian, my extended family is Jewish, and many friends are Buddhist. Yet, what do all of us know? That if there is a God, we experience it at Brain State 1, in neural integration. In that state, we naturally experience the seven rewards of purpose: Sanctuary, Authenticity, Vibrancy, Integrity, Intimacy, Spirituality, and Freedom. What's more, it's in that state that we feel all seven of the elevated emotions of connection: love, compassion, gratitude, hope, forgiveness, awe, and joy.

The pathway to Brain State 1 is a simple, neurophysiological system of five emotional techniques on our mobile app (Brain Based Health by EBT, available at It takes about 3 minutes to get from even the highest stress state, Brain State 5, to Brain State 1. Emotional pathways are that fast, and once there, we sit in our bliss for a moment, then use the Take Action Tool and in 1 more minute, we have clarity about how we will go forward and our higher purpose for doing so.

It's not a prayer or meditation, although EBT is completely compatible with both. When you feel disconnected, you use the techniques to find the brain's hidden emotional pathways to Brain State 1. Each time, you experience a surge of dopamine and endorphins, and a state of connection that seems heaven-sent.

It is through the portal of the emotional brain that we can all agree that we find our own unique experience of the divine. There is no need to go anywhere or do anything other than spiral up to that state, and then the deeper meanings of life become clear.  

EBT is a universal, science-based pathway to experience the divine, without dogma or rules to divide us. No religious beliefs are required, nor is any worldview or religious affiliation left out. Agnostics, atheists, and "others" are welcome.

After all the polarization of the last year and the disappointment in our institutions, we can use EBT to attach to something that cannot be corrupted – rewards of purpose and the loving elevated emotions that are universal.

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