It used to be that joy happened to you – but wait a minute. If you think about what the feeling of joy does to your circuitry and chemicals, who in their right mind would leave experiencing moments of joy to sheer . . . chance?

The momentary joy that my son Joe's animation refers to not only delivers a free and easy burst of healing chemicals but also delivers a small "zap" to the Stress Circuits that cause issues, problems, diseases, and unfortunate appetites.

Watch the video and notice how those spikes of joy change the brain. In the EBT 30-Day Challenge courses, you learn how to create these Joy Points, how to shut off a nasty activation of a Stress Circuit with its bouts of consumption, anxiety, powerlessness, depression, and outright grumpiness, and how to rewire offending circuits.

However, if you take the course by joining EBT, be prepared to experiment with such uses of Joy Points (self-created moments of intense pleasure) that you 1) shut off sugar binges, 2) stop overthinking, 3) get unstuck from work procrastination, 4) boldly talk with your partner about sexual satisfaction, and/or 5) get off the couch and start loving to exercise (and loving your body).

You can see that EBT gives you magical powers. Once you have the tools, you can use them any way you want, such as choosing to create a day of intense natural pleasure or zapping the drive to wallow on the couch. You are the boss, but the first step is to choose the EBT membership that is right for you and to begin!