Most of us launch a weight loss program when we're at Brain State 5 and highly motivated (often by health issues) to lose weight. It's then that the latest diet seems appealing or at the very least, loses its "ick factor."

The purpose of Brain Based Health is to make that diet more appealing, healthy eating more joyful, and most of all keep the weight off. By decreasing physiology stress, we stop that "Stress Eating Triangle" from spinning off chemicals that make us gain weight and feel lethargic, depressed and hungry.

A new study conducted by researchers at Tufts University, analyzed data from a one year weight loss program and year 4 follow-up data. Participants who regained the weight were compared to those who maintained weight. Maintaining weight loss was better than regain for all risk factors and maintainers who kept off ≥75% of weight lost had the greatest benefit.

The significance of this major study? Weight loss is hard so pair up your favorite food plan with the tools to promote lasting results. Launch your vision of lasting weight loss by reading The Stress Eating Solution. If you are serious about resetting your brain for lasting weight loss, learn more about our 30-day intensives. The brain changes most rapidly and most easily when we have daily support. A new intensive starts on October 29th. Learn more about it!

Imagine yourself not only losing weight but having freedom from the issues of eating and weight. That is something you can have, but it takes training the brain to get from stress to joy, again and again, until finally, you are free.