The trauma of being sexually harassed or assaulted etches itself into the circuitry of our emotional brain. Then, even though we say to ourselves that we will NEVER let anyone cross that line again, our biology makes us vulnerable.

The wires live inside us, which is why psychotherapies can be particularly helpful with recovery. So can EBT. Here are some ideas to draw upon to share with others who say, "ME, TOO."

Emotional CPR

If you know anyone who has suffered from this trauma or who has teenage or young adult daughters who are vulnerable to it, PLEASE learn EBT. The tools give you the power to heal from unthinkable hurts, and to create a stronger resiliency to avoid or effectively confront anyone who would cross that line. So often, we are powerless, but other times, training our brain to be resilient in high-stress times can make all the difference.

Here is the science:

  • When we are in low stress, we know just what to do to take care of ourselves.
  • A traumatic event takes the thinking brain offline!
  • It's not that we will not take action, the brain won't let us take action.
  • If we have been abused, our wiring increases our risk of being abused again.

You can take action. First, if you know anyone who has suffered from abuse or harassment, tell them about EBT. Send them a copy of The Stress Overload Solution, so that they understand that these circuits live inside us until we rewire them and that they can rewire these circuits.

Young women need this emotional CPR

Second, if you know any young women, remember we live in a stressful world. Traditional methods of resilience do not include the emotional tools needed to bounce back from high-stress states. Give them a membership to EBT ($9.99) so they can at least have the Brain Based Health app.

Last, if you want to learn more about how to use EBT personally, email Frannie Wilson, EBT Mentor at and she will tell you about all the options.

What about a # MeToo-only EBT Telegroup?

The best way to NEVER have this happen again is to be sure that we all have the emotional defense tools of EBT. By expanding our set of tools to handle high-stress situations with ease, we have more control over the quality of our lives and do our part to support a world that is FREE of sexual harassment and abuse.

Contact Frannie Wilson, EBT Mentor. We are HAPPY to set up #MeToo groups to learn EBT. Contact her at