Weight loss drugs can be useful for some people, but they do not address the root cause of chronic hunger, cravings, lethargy, and weight gain. EBT does.

There are over 100 documented causes of obesity, and all of them lead to stress. That's why by treating stress, the whole range of causes of weight gain fades. If we bypass treating stress, each morning, we will tell ourselves that we will be "good" and eat healthy today, but by mid-afternoon, the food will be calling to us.

Stop the suffering. With the new EBT mobile app, you knock out those stress chemicals before you eat. It only takes one to two minutes and activates chemicals that bring feelings of comfort, peace, and joy. The switch is biochemical, and it causes the drive to overeat to fade. I have never eaten less when that drive was activated. Now, you don't have to "try" to eat less. Instead, switch off the drive. Also, use EBT throughout the day to boost joy and be at your best.

A perfect time to hibernate and write

I wrote this new book because EBT is unique, scientific, and effective. It is the only method other than weight loss surgery that has been shown by research published in peer-reviewed journals to cause weight loss after the treatment ends. Overeating causes suffering, and it's time to stop the suffering. It is not a "bad habit," but a behavior that is unavoidable as long as stress chemicals are driving it. EBT is a way of taking charge of those stress-induced biochemical drives, so healthy eating is natural and sustainable.

The timing was right to produce this book, as my husband Walt was recovering from a very extensive back surgery. I was taking care of him, and he suggested that I write a "small book" on EBT. He said there would be many hours when he did not need me, and I had already made arrangements to take a leave from facilitating EBT weekly groups and daily intensives.

Michele Welling and Frannie Wilson, our medical director and consulting editor, respectively, graciously made their time available to edit the book, so 1-2-3 JOY! Easy, Natural Weight Loss that is Scientific, Proven & Fun came to be. The book tells the story of the development of EBT, from talks on Oprah to training medical students, shares the science behind the method, and presents the tools that switch off the biochemicals that drive overeating and weight gain.

It was not going to be a "small book"

About a month into writing it, I was at Brain State 5 as the manuscript was growing. The "small book" that Walt had envisioned was already 100 pages, and I was only just past sharing the science and the stories about the method's development. I spiraled up and decided that I did not care about the length of the book. I wanted to be sure to include all the most powerful techniques that switch off the drives to overeat and hold onto extra weight.

As some people are using weight-loss drugs, I included content on GLP-1, the target of the new generation of weight-loss drugs, and how to boost it in natural ways. In addition, I added new EBT techniques, including the Cravings Zapper, the Body Joy Meter, the Scarcity Panic Stopper, and the newest version of the method, "Precision EBT," for clearing the wire that causes cravings (the "Food Circuit") and the one that blocks weight loss (the "Body Circuit"). Rewiring both is critical to achieving lasting weight loss.

My hope is that this book will provide a new scientific and exciting pathway to losing weight that helps create lasting weight loss and far more joy in our lives.

Look for 1-2-3 JOY! Easy, Natural Weight Loss that is Scientific, Proven & Fun on Amazon on February 5th, 2024.