Whatever chemicals and electrical surges course through my body in the wee hours of the morning when I wake up – perhaps some cortisol lurking from a disturbing dream or endorphins from an enlightening one – I refresh my body and brain with a morning practice of EBT.

This morning is a particularly important one for me, as I have a session with a participant, we launch the weekly 10 a.m. community group, and Walt and I fly up to Washington to visit my son, my daughter-in-law, and their one-year-old son.

Who knows what this day will bring, which is why I always clear the clutter and make sure I feel grounded in my body and connected to my Sanctuary within, with some love bursts firing. One that I use most mornings is the Core Grind In. Here's a guide to using it.

The Core Grind In

There is nothing quite like strengthening the Core Circuits of Emotional Evolution to start the day. It's on your app, but here is a relic from the pre-smartphone days, a pocket reminder that can help guide you. Just read across the lines.

I do this slowly, stating the words, then feeling the feelings in my body. Usually, one of the seven is a "stand out," and I use that one as a Grind In for the day.

Core Circuit of the Day

As I read across the lines, I felt small waves of relaxation with a slight reward glow for most of them, but the 6th Circuit of Emotional Evolution stood out. I am worthy. I must receive (always a challenging one). The reward is Spirituality.

My mind went to that essential pain. It's easy to give, but developmentally, much harder to open our hearts to receive. Any leftover gash in the heart from hoping, then being disappointed or betrayed, instantly fires up and closes the door to take in the goodness of life.

I went to Brain State 4 and did a two minuter of the Feel Better Tool. What came up? It's my job to deprive myself. Instantly, an image appeared, and I did a Travel Back. I was in our home in Greenbrae. I was in 7th grade and at the kitchen table feeling...deprived. I had no idea how to nurture myself or that my feelings even existed.

What followed? A Travel Back...and JOY!

The questions of the Travel Back Tool reassured me that doing a quick Reattachment Experience would be healing, and I quickly saw myself stepping into the image and going through the three steps: Safety, Nurturing, and Wisdom.

After safety and nurturing (taking myself to my safe place, which was my bedroom, and showering my younger self with nurturing words), I updated the wire to It is my job to receive - to laugh and play, to be deliriously happy, and to fully and completely celebrate the many joys and rewards of my LIFE!

That's why we call it the Core Grind In, as it's a quick review of all the fundamental circuits that deliver a grounded feeling in the body, optimal resilience, and it pinpoints the weakest circuit and guides us to strengthen it.

Consider making this tool part of your Morning EBT Practice. I'm going on with my day knowing it is my job to receive – to laugh and play, to be deliriously happy, and to fully and completely celebrate my joy!

A really great way to start my day.