I met a big deadline on Friday - well worth the lost sleep – and I felt the glow of having done something scary and hard and asked for help and got it down.

What is your natural joy quotient?

Purpose does that to us, but this time, I wanted MORE. I have a special place in my brain for Joy Points from natural pleasures, particularly those that I was deprived of or had as a child.

For me, that means horses. I planned to take a couple of hours and go out to a nearby ranch and breathe in the horse smells (that may not be your cup of tea, but it brings up happy childhood memories for me).

Our reality is whatever circuit is activated in our emotional brain, so that's a great way to activate my "happy childhood" wires.

Activating happy childhood memories

How do you do that? First, clear the stress by spiraling up, then say to yourself, "Holy Moly, I definitely need some pleasure, some real-life, tangible, indulging, but natural pleasure."

Wait for some images to come into your mind. (Sometimes the image is enough.) Then make a plan to make it happen. Take a bubble bath. Go outside and shoot hoops. Show up at a horse stable and feast on looking at (if not smelling) those beautiful creatures.

What's the science? Joy plays a huge role in efficiently switching off the sympathetic nervous system (stress) and activating the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation). Spiral up, then collect a few surges of joy and know that you have just administered a surge of neurotransmitters freely, easily, and effectively.

Sticking with your EBT Prescription

In a world where people are loading up more and more on pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs, EBT offers a healthier and more sustainable option. How many surges of joy do you need to be amazingly healthy?

Be on your EBT Prescription (10 spiral-ups per day, 5 minutes on your member home page learning a new skill, and one 5-minute Community Connection) consistently and notice that you wean yourself off of one medication after another. Wait to wean off until you feel so balanced, happy, and rewarded that you can work with your physician to start the weaning.

The goal? Take all the medications you need and none that you do not, and have all the freedom and joy you ever needed and more.