When my daughter was five years old, she told me that there were ladders in our brains. At the time, the neuroscience upon which EBT is based had not been discovered. The power of a child's brain! She "GOT" it!

The 7 Circuits

How do we raise our set point and emotionally and spiritually evolve? In Brain Based Health, we use the 7 Circuits of Emotional Evolution. These conform to the seven levels of brain functioning, ranging from just needing to acknowledge that we exist when the reptilian brain is in charge, all the way to optimal neural integration and awareness that the core of our nature is joy.  

After trying out the tools, and completing the basic course in EBT, the 30-Day Challenge, our hunter-gatherer brain naturally seeks more, to evolve. The advanced courses, one on each of these developmental steps, offer a pathway to accessing all seven of them.

If you are new to EBT, you can begin priming your brain for raising your set point and promoting human development, emotional maturity, and spiritual evolution. If you look on your app on the progress page, you'll see The Core Grind In.

Try reading through the core expectations, essential pains, and earned rewards of life, and notice what your body tells you. One will probably resonate the most. Make that your "Circuit of the Day" and bring it to mind often. By climbing the ladder and surrendering to the emotional brain's sensory messages, we can access Gritty Joy – staying grounded in this world with an evolved sort of bliss.

A few awakenings along the way

When I climb the ladder in the morning, soon after awakening, or in the evenings, when I'm usually more worn out and need that grounding, I surround it with other practices. For me, that is prayer, but your other practices may be different. Allow yourself to experiment with these tools, piecing them together in ways that are of service to you. I keep at it until I am at ONE, and usually there are a few awakenings along the way.

Consider playing around with this Core Grind In! Who knows what wonderful awakenings might happen for you!