Most of us have a few brain glitches that trigger us to do something, then say, "Why did I do that?" or even, "Why do I keep doing that even though I tell myself that I will stop?"

These brain glitches make us do it! Here's how it works: some random life event causes us to become really stressed, and then we happen to do something to feel better that doesn't work. It could be overeating for comfort or overworking to feel loved. No amount of overworking could make us feel loved and overeating might give us a food hangover or make us feel bloated, but comfort? Probably not!

The emotional brain circuits are the problem

The brain strongly remembers what we did during stressful times, then replays those responses later on, when we are stressed again. However, in between stressed times, we have a bit of amnesia. We're unaware that we're trying to get a basic need met, such as safety, love, comfort, or pleasure from that ineffective behavior.

If anything, we're aware that our relationships are falling apart because we're overworking and we have a stress style that tells us to seek love that way. We're aware that we're gaining weight and on the verge of becoming diabetic or hypertensive. We have a stress style that switches on the drive to overeat for comfort, which is the problem.

However, our culture hasn't caught up with neuroscience and switched to Brain Based Health. So, we're told to go to counseling to fix our relationships, stop overworking and take weekends off, treat our diabetes or hypertension with medications, or staple our stomachs to lose weight. Nobody tells us that we can shut off that circuit, and over time, train our own brain to change our stress style.

Try the new BBH Health app

How do you get started with Brain Based Health? You make it personal. You think of something that you do when stressed, a habit, or even an emotional response you have, like flying into a rage, shutting down, or worrying too much. You use our new Brain Based Health by EBT app and switch off the brain glitch in real-time. You test this idea by using the tools, and chances are, you'll switch off that wire.

The new Brain Based Health with EBT App

Our new app makes it really easy to "get" that most problems are just symptoms of one of those brain glitches being triggered. However, the brain doesn't like new ideas. It doesn't trust new experiences, so you'll probably have to use the app for a few weeks before you say to yourself, "This stuff actually works!"

As you use it more, perhaps upgrade your membership to learn more, join a telegroup, or schedule a few coaching sessions with a Certified EBT Provider, and your stress style will begin to change. When you feel stressed, you'll reach for your app and spiral up to Brain State 1, where your stress style is to be of purpose.

It's the future of healthcare

By getting to One, you switch off any and all wires that tell you to get your safety, love, comfort, or pleasure from responses that are self-defeating and cause health problems.

When people ask you why you look so vibrant and have that bounce in your step again, you will tell them that the future of healthcare is Brain Based Health. They can wait for that but for you, the future will be now.