All around us structures are wobbling, collapsing, and in disarray. The solution is to use what we have when there are no sporting events, jobs, play dates, and vacation trips.

It's the brain and its enormous capacity to turn problems into purpose. The new paradigm in how we process life is to check our stress level ("our number") and process emotions so that stress hormones that keep us stuck clear. In that clarity, we can move forward with purpose.

It's just a skill, but it makes processing strong emotions, rather than suppressing them, quick and easy, and it always finds its way back to purpose. To do that, let's get emotional. Instead of suppressing, let's express . . . and the reward? Clarity about purpose. You can learn how to do this for yourself at What follows is my own work this morning . . .

What's my number?  I'm at 4, definitely stressed.

What do I need? To use the Brain State 4 Tool, and get to Brain State 1.

The situation is . . . I don't know what is going on, how many people will die, whether my children and family will survive this, and what is going to happen to our country and the world.

What I'm most stressed about is . . . I don't know what is going on.

I feel angry that . . . everything is changing. I can't stand it that . . . life as we have known it is gone . . . I hate it that . . . I can't fix it. I feel sad that . . . so many people are hurting and dying . . . I feel afraid that . . . this will never end. I feel guilty that   . . . I can't do anything about it. I feel grateful that . . . I have loved ones. I feel happy that . . . we are doing the best we can. I feel secure that . . . I can process my emotions. I feel proud that . . . I'm doing that right now!

Now for purpose . . .

I expect myself to do the best I can to stay connected to myself and do the right thing. Positive, powerful thought? I can do that. Essential pain? I am not in complete control. It takes work. Some of us will die. I must give at a deeper level. If I can accept that, what are my rewards?

Integrity. Spirituality. Freedom.

I can feel my whole body relax and a wave of warmth through my chest. I am in awe of the amazing power of the brain to deliver joy no matter what, if we step into our emotions and use them.

In COVID-19, we are not in complete control, but we can trust our amazing brain to deliver what we really need: to surrender to purpose.