As we prepare for the launch of our new book, The Stress Solution, I've been reflecting on the grace of the brain. It didn't ask for COVID-19, the confusion, polarization, harm, and discouragement, but it is certainly prepared for it.

Before COVID-19, it never occurred to me that I could be locked up for months or years or that there would be a silver lining to it. As I dig a bit deeper into my own psyche to adapt how we think about EBT to these realities, all I find is good news.

The good news is that our brain can take THIS and MORE. Although I don't want to think about MORE, whatever that is, I do feel secure. The missing link has been our willingness to be full-tilt emotional creatures and plow through strong emotions, trusting ourselves and the tools of EBT.

You and I can find purity inside ourselves, it is always there waiting for us, but the ticket to getting there is to go far deeper into our feelings. The whole process, including moving forward with purpose, takes 4 minutes.

We've timed it and tested it. Four minutes from brain fog and confusion to connecting to the love and clarity within.

I hope this book will be a bestseller. I hope you like this book and find that it inspires you to lean into stress and come out the other side feeling clearer, happier, healthier, and even more stress-protected than before.

That's the power of neuroplasticity. Each time we clear the stress, the brain becomes stronger and more resilient, and we can fall in love with ourselves and life again.

I like that idea. I hope you do, too.