We think we are really smart but we have nothing on the emotional brain – and if we don't start using it effectively soon, we will pay the price.

That sounds negative, but I don't feel that way. The nature of the emotional brain is that it keeps making us more and more miserable until we understand that fundamental to human life is love.

That brain has evolved to give us love. Now, of course, this is not love therapy, but a way of saying that if we surrender to our emotional brain and use its pathways, most problems will disappear.

If you do not believe that, I understand, but if that sounds even a bit plausible to you, please read the science of EBT: https://www.ebtconnect.net/science

Use the tools, join an intensive, and think differently about COVID. If it leads you to explore EBT, although we wouldn't wish this on the world, good things could happen.