In the COVID era of diminished personal choice, the time is perfect to challenge ourselves: use brain science to get from toxic stress to intense natural pleasure in 4 minutes or less, OR, go with the neural pathways of numbness, anxiety, depression, addiction, and stagnation.

That sounds like (pardon) a "no-brainer" but in the unconscious mind, the option to stay on the stress pathway can be overwhelmingly appealing. The unconscious mind prefers sameness. What's more, it defies logic that you can radically alter your physiological brain state so rapidly. Cognitive "top-down" control using CBT, mindfulness, positive psychology, or insight-oriented psychotherapy are reported by their practitioners, research, or both to take 30 minutes to accomplish that. Even exercise takes 30 minutes.

EBT takes 4 minutes or less.

As you read this, notice the messages that appear in your mind, and the gut-feel in your body. Most of those messages are likely to be negative. Why should you trust what you just read? Who needs to get to a great state in 4 minutes or, who wants that, anyway?

After more than 30 years of development and having written many books, I finally wrote a simple book on EBT that focuses on its most powerful skill. It will be released on September 28, 2020. The book is The Stress Vaccine: Unleashing the Power of Your Emotional Brain to Release Stress and Feel Joy. You can learn that tool now at However, when the book is released, we will be asking the question, "How much joy do you want to have?"  

You can have radical resiliency. The brain pathways are already in your unconscious mind. All you need is the simple, structured formula of EBT, and your life will never be the same. I promise.