Some 30 years ago, I was dating a man who told me he was afraid to feel. He said that if he ever allowed himself to feel, he would spiral down into a pit of destruction that would end him.

At the time, I wasn't sure that was a good sign our connection was heaven-sent, and now I realize that he was just being realistic. In stress, emotions become toxic, and who needs that?

The trouble with the "Fear of Feelings" diagnosis is that it is normal to be stressed, even stressed out. Stress activates toxic emotions and if we can't process them, leads to chronic stress. Chronic stress is the real villain here, as it is the root cause of accelerated aging, chronic diseases, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, overeating, sleep problems, addiction, and suicide - to name a few.

Stress activates toxic emotions – that thinking, mindfulness, self-analysis, awareness, acceptance, and even exercise – cannot clear in 30 minutes or less. EBT is an innovation in emotional technology, so you can acknowledge the fear of feelings, use EBT and prove to yourself that you need not be afraid. The tools turn stuck toxic emotions into joyous feelings in 1 to 3 minutes.

The first use of EBT (spiraling up or, if you prefer, using the Cycle Tool) is a little unnerving because it feels strange. People said, "Oh, what was that?"

It takes the brain some weekly to figure out that it is safe to feel, that when we are edging toward Emotional Paralysis (anxiety, depression, hostility, irritability, numbness, or a false high) that it is not scary. We just reach for EBT, and in a couple of minutes, we are back to joy.

That's EBT.