Right now we're certifying health professionals and coaches in EBT and in a session today, a psychologist asked, "Why do you start with anger?"

The short answer is that it launches the melting of fear.

She was accustomed to helping clients identify their feelings. That's helpful at easing stress, but only at Brain States 1 and 2. At 3, 4 and 5, doing that only increases our stress, even causing us to spiral down into even worse stress overload.

In EBT, we don't identify feelings when in the stressed states, we process them to rapidly spiral up, clear away the stress and return to counting on our feelings being helpful, and telling us what we need.

Given the stress of our world, psychological needs change, and at the end of a fading era, the old method becomes more complicated. In the 1990's there was a boom of articulating feelings, a last gasp at trying to make doing so effective. That continued until even now.

In 2020 the stress was so high that more people began appreciating the use of emotions to process stress and melt fear, which is the essence of EBT. Learn more at EBT.ORG.

It's a new era. Process fear with EBT and find yourself with in a couple of minutes in joy, with an emotional underbelly of hope, security and confidence.