It's so annoying to work at losing weight, then find it comes back on.

At EBT, we have a solution, which is to use simple tools to address the root cause of weight problems. The root cause is stress in the emotional brain.

You can clear that stress on the spot but to do it quickly takes using emotional techniques.

That's what we specialize in – simple techniques to clear stress and make it easier to eat healthy. Here's how it works:

Perhaps you're thinking about going into the kitchen and getting a snack.  You don't have time to be mindful or think about going for a walk instead.

You need something that works quickly, so you just reach for the app and switch off the stress that is fueling that desire. Then you are free to eat the snack if you want it, but chances are, you'll go for a walk or do something else that is rewarding to you.

Once you learn that one skill, you might want more of these EBT tools. The second tool to learn makes you feel peaceful and powerful from within, and the third switches off cravings for carbs.

These are simple, powerful tools.

If you are thinking about losing some weight, these tools can help. Become a member of EBT, download the app, and get started today!

Use the EBT app to clear stress and eat healthy naturally.