It is absolutely impossible to lose weight and keep it off if our emotional brain tells us that we need it. The emotional brain is the boss of our weight, so the solution is to learn more about what it is telling us.

Don't you dare tell me to lose weight!

When people used to say to me that I needed to lose weight, I was close to being violent. How DARE anyone tell me how my body should be? Who are THEY to weigh me like an animal or categorize me as overweight, underweight, or obese?

Come now. Grow up. Get out of my face!

In my early years of resolving my own weight and eating issues and treating others, I put food first. People needing to know what to eat, and how to rewire any leftover drives to binge, stuff, starve . . . and the like.

In my latest book, The Stress Eating Solution, the Body Circuit (that cherished drive to hold onto whatever weight we NEED to hold onto) is still the last of the four circuits to rewire. It's not because it's the least important, but the opposite.

The Body Circuit is SO fun to rewire!

It is so important to discover the hidden reason that we hold onto weight and gain that hard-won lost weight back because it is the MOST important circuit and the most challenging. After rewiring three other circuits (food, mood, and love), the brain is emotionally flexible. It's in the groove of rewiring circuits, in fact, rewiring has become a great substitute for streaming videos. IT IS SO MUCH MORE FUN!

If you are using The Stress Eating Solution, and are drawn to rewiring your Body Circuit first, then go for it! When that wire transforms into a wire that brings Body Pride, something shifts.

Oh, the JOY of releasing extra weight!

Instead of wanting the food, we want to release the "baggage" of extra weight. That is our joy and our drive is to eat in a way that frees us up from the past and the stressful times during which we NEEDED that food and that weight.

Ask yourself, "Do I want to rewire my Body Circuit before my Food Circuit?" Whichever sounds most rewarding to you, that's what your emotional brain, your unconscious mind is ready to rewire.

Honor your body's wishes, and enjoy the journey!