The emotional brain doesn't pay attention to thoughts, It changes when we are emotional. In Brain Based Health, you use an app that quickly processes emotions, so that you can change your emotional brain, as one of your "side jobs" while you're commuting to work or on the run between meetings, clients, or patients.

Use it anytime that you want to be in an emotional state or have a behavioral drive other than what you have at the time. Just charge through the steps of the tool, and good things happen – anytime and anywhere.

After you use the tool, what if someone asks, "What just happened? You're so connected." Tell them it's a "brain thing." It's Brain Based Health.

The ultimate two-for-one

The Brain Based Health by EBT app has been designed to enable you to experience rapid results. Have a craving? Zap it with one of the tools. You keep the app with you, and remember that you can feel better pretty quickly if you use your brain's amazing resiliency pathways.

I have a natural pathway in my brain from stress to joy. I can do a little "emotional dance" and shut off the craving.

It's handy to have these NEW powers, but the movement is not only about immediate results. It's about making each emotional experience GOOD for your brain and over time raise your brain's set point (stress habit).

The ultimate two-for-one of using Brain Based Health is that we not only stop a craving in its tracks, but we make a small but important improvement in that wire. That strong drive to feel stressed out, needy, obsessed, and hungry for no reason becomes a tiny bit weaker, and the drive to eat healthy and be at your best becomes stronger.

Why We Overeat #5

Outsmart that silly wire

Dr. Laurel Mellin, Founder of EBT and The Brain Based Health Movement (

The brain learns to love healthy food

In the past, we have focused on the thinking brain, whereas the drive to overeat resides in the emotional brain. It's time that we start using that thinking brain to switch off hurtful circuits in our emotional brain and activate helpful wires.

Try out the Brain Based Health app, and then keep that app in your pocket to boost your power to live a healthy, vibrant, and joyful life. This is the new healthcare, and by using it, you are on the cutting edge for using your brain's power to live your best life!

Join the Brain Based Health Movement today!

Thanks for watching this video and learning more about Brain Based Health. Everyone needs these tools to truly control their stress to help prevent or to more effectively treat overeating.

If you know anyone who is suffering from stress or overweight, send them a copy of The Stress Eating Solution book OR a membership in the community ( so they can instantly download the Brain Based Health app and start moving through stress to joy!

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