As a personal practice, both Walt and I like writing letters to the editor, whether it is our local paper or a national publication. Walt has so many letters published in our local paper, the Marin Independent Journal, that the folks in charge of that section of the paper know him by first name. I imagine them saying, "There's Walt Rose again, with another of his pithy but decidedly fascinating letters."

A couple of weeks ago, an article in the Wall Street Journal sent me to Brain State 5. Scientists are looking for a drug to keep the weight off. After clawing my way back to Brain State 1, I decided to share that the best "drug" was a natural one: EBT.

As all eight of the major chemicals that fuel overeating and weight gain are stress-activated, by using EBT to switch off the "stress chemical spigot," we stand our best chance for easy, lasting weight loss that is drug-light or even drug-free. There are only positive side-effects, and each use of EBT reshapes the emotional architecture of the brain in favor of lasting weight loss and a life of joy and purpose. That sounds like a solution to me. So, I dashed off a letter to the editor, which appeared in the journal last week.

A letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal published on May 20, 2024

We sensed that something was brewing when Dev Singh, EBT Chief Technology Officer, saw a flurry of new memberships arrive the day before the letter was published, the blush of a prepublication copy that arrived to some. He alerted the rest of the team. Now, we are happy to welcome the new members to EBT who were touched by the piece.

Then yesterday, a letter addressed to me arrived in the mail. How often do we get printed out, stamped, enveloped, and mailed letters dropped into our mailbox? How exciting. It was from a man in Iowa who said how much he liked my letter. His only concern was that it was not published on the front page of the paper. He shared his own story of releasing some 40 pounds without drugs.

Most of our new members are men. This comes right at a time when we are focused on reaching out to the underserved in the arena of emotional health, which are young people and men. In fact, a long-time participant and program graduate, Paul Rupp, has spoken about the need to support men in joining EBT. He shares his experience improving his productivity at work with EBT in a video shown above and posted on the EBT.ORG landing page.

Thank you, Wall Street Journal, and a special welcome to our new members.