EBT has broken new ground. In 2007, we discovered the EBT 5-Point System of Emotional and Behavioral Regulation, the "5-Point System." That was 14 years ago! What have we been doing since then? Research on how to make this easier and faster.

The latest breakthrough is that the same app that processes emotions and launches adaptive behavior change can be used QUICKLY.

Fast is the new . .  . effective! By using the main resilience pathways in the brain with the Be Positive and Take Action Tools quickly, you don't have to dig down into emotions to get a shift toward well-being and resilience.

How could that be? Check out Antonio Damasio's research (a wonderful read: Looking for Spinoza) on sensations being UNDER emotions. By focusing our attention on body sensations, users of the app can impact emotions and stress. It feels so safe! We can use the EBT skills even at WORK. There is no worry about getting into "feelings" and becoming stuck.

Just swipe through the EBT app in one to two minutes and then, FEEL the tingle. That's the sign that you have made headway in calming the sympathetic nervous system and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. It all adds up!

Use it throughout the day to be at your best, and and in the evenings, you'll probably notice feeling ready for adventure, up for taking a bike ride, or my personal favorite: sleeping well.

I really like to write during the middle of the night, which as you know is not a healthy habit. It's all about tradeoffs and for me, this works. However, after I have written for a few hours, I need to go to sleep. I need to shut off those "great ideas," along with the ruminating and overthinking.

I reach for my EBT app, swipe through it once or twice, then drift off to sleep, peacefully and quickly.  All EBT memberships include the new "2-minute spiral up" video and the app. Want more support? Drop in for our complimentary workshops included with each membership and a dedicated Certified EBT Provider will help you get started.

The most common comment of members, when they try, this is: "Weird."

How can a spiral up through the brain's resilience pathway make such a difference? We need more research to understand why this is so helpful, but in the meanwhile, enjoy using it. Ask yourself, "Why not get ahead of my stress and spiral up?"