When Katie was 15, her mother unleashed fury at her because Katie wanted to run away. It was adolescence, and she did not know what to do with her emotions. In that moment, her brain encoded a Cognitive Takeover Circuit.

Going forward and without her awareness, her default processing of life became overthinking, perfectionism, toxic self-analysis, and ruminating. What she left behind was her brain's natural capacity to process emotions, which works very fast and could both prevent anxiety and the related procrastination, carb cravings, and dulling of passion in relationships.

Katie noticed an uptick in her overthinking wire during the pandemic, but said, "It wasn't just the pandemic. I never had any modeling of how to process emotions growing up. I never acquired that skill."

She had used psychotherapy and mindfulness to be more present but she still was not finding herself as emotionally vibrant as she wanted to be. She had a wire in her brain that was preventing her from being emotionally fluid and clearing her anxiety.

Katie said to me during a coaching session, "Something clicks in my brain when I'm stressed and I go right to overthinking. The more I think, the worse I feel."

EBT could help her because she can first learn how to clear her anxiety by processing emotions. Then, she can discover the message in her Cognitive Takeover Circuit and change it. The triggered anxiety and stress overload can fade.

If you tend to overthink when you are stressed, use the EBT app and discover that you can switch off overthinking in about two minutes. EBT is VERY fun because you discover what your unconscious mind is telling you – and change the message. If you want to clear that faulty message, continue with EBT and you'll master the skill of rewiring your unconscious mind – and do it with curiosity and joy.

As we all recover from pandemic stress, do it faster and with more joy. Become a member of EBT and download our new app. Switch off overthinking with all the anxiety it brings and learn how to spiral up from stress to joy.