Times like these have a silver lining, they always do. In my town, the state let out COVID-19 positive prisoners, dropping them at the local bus stop. Even really smart people are finding that their reptilian brain is influencing them. Extremes are everywhere and nobody can agree on anything, or so it seems.

When NOTHING seems to offer a sensible solution and there is no end in sight, it's time to sigh, dig a bit deeper and clear away the reactive wire that blocks our sense of peace and power from within.

We are about to release our new book, The Stress Solution, and the more I work on writing it the more in awe I am at the perfection of the emotional brain. That simple step to clear away the emotional stress that plagues us, activates something truly magical: the resiliency wire.

All of evolution and all of the grace, beauty and mystery or life are in that circuit. It enables us to stay present, feel our feelings and move forward with purpose. We've refine the method to make this shift in 4 minutes. Who doesn't have 4 minutes to take the reptilian brain off duty and substitute the connection to the love inside us?

Please watch for this book – our in early August – and share it with everyone you know. If we deal with our stress, find peace and power within during challenging times, everything about our day and our life goes better.