Times like these have a silver lining, they always do. The stress we are under unlocks the synaptic connections in the brain, giving us a new chance to become resiliency superstars.

What are they? People who lean into their stress and bust past their tendency to suppress emotions, instead spiraling up through them, refreshed, and ready to begin again.

We just released a new book on EBT, The Stress Solution, and the stress of the pandemic broke up a lot of my old circuits. I got out of my own way and realized that if we learn ONE of the tools of EBT (it's called the Be Positive Tool) and tack onto it the Take Action Tool, the result is a technique that gives us the energy and passion to move forward with purpose. If we learn that one technique, EBT would be easy.

Our new book is now available. Click here.

It would also be quick. With the use of the Brain Based Health by EBT app, the entire elegant process takes only 4 minutes.

If you have been looking for a way to process your wild and wooly emotions caused by the stress of our times, this book and the app will be life-changing. Visit our website at www.ebt.org, as all memberships include both.

If we deal with our stress, we find peace and power within during challenging times and discover that we really are resiliency superstars. All we needed were some simple, brain-savvy tools.