Overeating and sex are both highly sensitive to stress! If you've been noticing a marked decrease (or increase) in your sex drive during shelter-in-place, that's pretty normal. Same with food: no appetite and more often, ravenous hunger, preoccupation with food and strong cravings for crunchy, sugary, processed foods.

The drive to overeat shuts off when the stress that is fueling it switches off. You can use the EBT 5-Point System and shut off stress rather quickly. As the easiest way to feel good for humans is to overeat, so it still takes some discipline, but cravings? They can stop! Here are three strategies to get started:

Expect that  COVID-19 Hunger, Cravings and Lethargy Strike

One source of the stress is that we blame ourselves for being so hungry. All thae"beating myself up" for being so hungry, so the first step is to recognize that feeling hungry when stressed is normal. No need to ask, "Why?" Stress does that!

Check Your Unmet Need: The 4 Most Common Reasons

That strong drive to overeat is the activation of a faulty brain circuit that was encoded in some random moment of stress earlier in your life. Once it is activated, the chemical surges are so powerful that NOT overeating is close to impossible. When the circuit was encoded we have a fundamental unmet need. The four most common are safety, love, comfort and pleasure. We reached for food at that time, creating a survival circuit that drives overeating until we rewire it.

Express Your Emotions without Judgment

The most effective way to release stress is by expressing your feelings EBT makes is quick, safe and effective to do that. You express anger, then sadness, fear and guilt and soon feelings of gratitude, happiness, security and pride follow. The craving stops.

COVID-19 Shelter in Place will end, and if you learn the EBT system now, you'll be more apt to avoid that weight gain and give yourself a huge gift - you have updated how you process daily stress for the new age in which we live – the age of the emotional brain. Visit www.ebt.org for more information.