Overeating and sex are both highly sensitive to stress! If you've been noticing a marked decrease (or increase) in your sex drive with holiday, election, and pandemic stress combined, that's normal. It's the same with food: we either have no appetite, or more often, ravenous hunger, preoccupation with food, and strong cravings for crunchy, sugary, processed foods. Here are 3 quick and easy strategies to switch off hunger:

If You Are Hungry, Get to Brain State 1

An easy, natural way to gain control over food is to use the EBT tools to get to Brain State 1. Take out your Brain Based Health by EBT app and in 4 minutes or less, you'll be at One. Then notice if you're still hungry. Chances are, you won't be but if you still are, eat whatever meets your needs, without guilt. Perhaps you really are "body hungry" or you simply need that treat!  

Check Your Unmet Need: The 4 Most Common Reasons

That strong drive to overeat is the activation of a faulty brain circuit that was encoded in some random moment of stress earlier in your life. Once it is activated, the chemical surges are so powerful that NOT overeating is close to impossible. When the circuit was encoded we had a fundamental unmet need. The 4 most common are safety, love, comfort, and pleasure. We reached for food at that time, creating a survival circuit that drives overeating until we rewire it.

Express Your Emotions without Judgment

The most effective way to release stress is by expressing your feelings. EBT makes it quick, safe, and effective to do that. You express anger, then sadness, fear, and guilt and soon feelings of gratitude, happiness, security, and pride follow. The craving stops.

If there was ever a time that we could easily justify overeating, the combination of the pandemic, election, and holidays would be it. Yet, why overeat when you can use EBT, clear away the hunger and cravings, and access more joy in your life at the same time?

We are definitely in the age of the emotional brain, when our capacity to take charge of our emotions is the biggest predictor of our health and happiness. To get your app and membership: www.ebt.org.