We need a stress vaccine. It's time.

We have a natural capacity to self-inoculate in the way we process our emotions. However, the 21st century saw the explosion of computers, information overload, and impossible demands on our lives.

We started to rely excessively on thinking because this is what gives us the illusion of control. The Covid pandemic brought this into focus and showed us that excessive thinking does not work when we are stressed! We are flat-out confused, on our knees, feeling powerless, searching for answers…

Know your stress number – and feel

It is a new age of how we connect and relate to ourselves and the world – not by thinking, but by feeling. It is a new age of the emotional brain, not the thinking brain.

We can inoculate ourselves against stress overload! Instead of suppressing our emotions, we need to express them. Overthinking increases our stress. Our internalized suppressed emotions are the cause of our epidemics of anxiety, depression, overeating, addictions, and chronic illness.

A simple question can transform your life

We need a simple, structured, and safe system to process our emotions, which releases our stress and brings us back to a state of health, empathy, and awareness of the peace and power we have from within.

As a community, we need to stop suppressing our emotions. Instead of spiraling down into negative emotions and stress and getting stuck there, we need to spiral up to positive emotions and discover a new level of empathy and compassion for ourselves and others, and ultimately, freedom and joy.

Instead of looking outside ourselves for safety, we can discover that we had that safety inside us all along, all we needed were the tools to access it.

EBT gives us these tools.