The COVID-19 vaccine, when it arrives, will provide internal protection against the virus, but to be safe, we need a second vaccine, a stress vaccine.

Eureka! The NEW Stress Resilience

It was in 2007, when Igor Mitrovic, Lindsey Fish, Lynda Frassetto, and I were digging deeper into understanding the brain's resiliency pathways, that I realized there were five separate pathways, and the EBT 5-Point System was discovered. It turns out that using it amounts to internal protection, a "stress vaccine."

Each time you use it to get immediate stress relief, the brain's resiliency pathways become stronger. Over time, as these little trails in our brain become resiliency superhighways, we do not sweat the small stuff. The chronic stress and stress- reactivity fade.

It's the emotional brain's way

EBT is unique. The tools use our natural emotional pathways for all brain states, and that's really important now. In 1990, the thinking brain was in charge as the stress levels were lower.

Then in each of the following decades, stress has increased and so have the stress-induced diseases. EBT became more important because the high stress put the emotional brain in charge – and our stress-induced conditions became epidemic: obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and more.

Heads of state and heads of households

Now with COVID-19, stress overload is center stage as stress suppresses the immune system and is the root cause of most of the morbidities that make COVID-19 more dangerous. What do we need? An internal protector that keeps out toxic stress and that's EBT.

We believe that our new book and Brain Based Health app by EBT should be at the top of the "I NEED LIST" for every state governor and every head of household. Don't go out of the house without a mask, and definitely reboot the most important computer of all – the brain – to be stress-effective in the age of the emotional brain.

Then lean into stress and use the tools, as stress is good for joy – strengthening your resilience – and let's go to the beach, play some tennis, get out of the house, and enjoy our lives. It's time!