Now that we're all so cautious about infecting others – or them infecting us – it's easier to relate to the idea that our stress is contagious. We find ourselves triggered and then realize that we are radiating out stress. It's infecting others.

In an EBT intensive telegroup today, one participant said, "The most important thing I learned today is that I'm proud I'm doing EBT. I'm protecting myself and doing my part for others and our nation."

Our own physiological stress level and the stress levels of those around us are particularly important now. The electrical and chemical internal environment is the underlying cause of obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and up to 90 percent of health problems. The co-morbidities that make COVID-19 more serious are rooted in stress.

As you walk through your day and wear your mask, think about using EBT to switch off stress overload and prevent it from being transmitted to others. If others transmit their stress to you, take out your Brain Based Health by EBT mobile app and switch it off!

Go about your day stress-protected – and pass this on! This is our nation's time to heal, and that will take becoming stress-protected!