I have this hip pain. It comes and goes and when it's bad, it's really bad. I take medications, do physical therapy, but believe me, it's bad. EBT helps a huge amount, and so we're starting Brain Based Pain Management Training so that you can apply neuroscience in helping deal with your pain.

The course is based on with six weekly, one-hour telegroup sessions with six participants and a Certified EBT Provider. I'll be the provider on the first few groups, and am really excited about launching this. I believe this training is essential for anyone who is hurting to add to their traditional treatment, because of these four benefits:

Benefit #1: The  placebo effect (AKA the Take Action Cycle)

The newest literature on the placebo effect shows that it is a combination of emotional connection with a benevolent healer and renewed hope. For most diseases, it delivers about 70 percent of the benefit of the traditional drug treatment. Who is to say that the benevolent emotional healer can't be connecting to the deepest part of ourselves? From a neuroscience perspective, that's neural integration; from a spiritual standpoint, that is God or some divine connection. Also, hope can come from inside, and the Take Action Cycle Tool delivers both.

Last weekend, I had taken my pills and was out on the road doing the Saturday errands. I was hurting. I went ahead as I was driving along and did a Take Action Cycle, and bingo, the pain faded 70%. Later it came back to about 50% and for the rest of the day I noticed the sunshine, the flowers and the goodness of life. That mattered because my day matters! What evidence do I have about its chemical comparison to various types of placebo effects? None, except that it worked for me, and it may be helpful to you.

Benefit #2: Better medical decisions (AKA the Take Action Cycle)

This same technique, the Take Action Cycle comes in handy when trying to decide "should I take the pill or not?" and the myriad of medical decisions necessary when trade-offs are involved. The stressed brain is really bad at making decisions, and even if that tool lifts up our state to a Brain State 3 or 4, it could help our prefrontal cortex make smarter decisions.

Benefit #3 Creating a happier, healthier life  (All three Cycle Tools)

Adversity is really good for us, right? Well, the truth is that without it we'd all be emotional babies. It's the learning that comes about when we process our emotions in stress that leads to maturity. What's more, that bump up in our Brain State from using any of the Cycle Tools or my personal favorite – all three of them in a Cycle Blitz – that works the best. With a higher brain state, some emotional trash from the past cleared out and a bounce to our step again (yes, my hip is better today so that bounce is back), we can be more loving partners and parents, more compassionate friends, and more productive on the job.

The weekly one hour sessions for six weeks are $199/month for two monthly payments, which gives you brain-based skills training, a small group for support, and an app so you have another on-the-spot pain management resource. For more information about Brain-Based Pain Management Training, please contact Michael McClure (michael@ebt.org). Please join in! Your pain management physician will be happy that you did!

                                      BBH Pain Management Solution Group
Physical pain and psychological pain are connected through the stress response, such that either amplifies the other. Learn how to turn off the stress response, rewire hour relationship with that pain, and give yourself bursts of dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins to ease you pain and decrease your reliance on medications.  CRITERIA: Must be under the cause of a physician for pain.
Starts: September 10
Ends: October 15
Weekly session: 6:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. Pacific Time
Provider: Laurel Mellin, PhD
Fee: $199 to enroll, and $199 four weeks later.
To enroll: Contact Michael McClure - michael@ebt.org