When I look at my hand reaching for a cookie or a bag of chips, I have plenty of seemingly reliable data that I am in control of my hand and whether or not I put anything in my mouth.

That's the problem. What controls us – truly who we are – is our wiring.

These wires are in the emotional brain, the survival brain, and the wires are activated without our awareness or approval. Particularly when we are in stress, nearly everything we do is the downstream effect of a wire activating chemical and electrical surges, causing the thinking brain to relinquish control to the emotional brain, and driving us to do what we do, including overeat.

Why didn't they teach me this in school? It's so important!

You haven't heard much about brain wires because until 2010, we didn't know that we could rewire them by normal human experiences, that is, staying present to our emotions and either shutting off the wires by releasing emotional stress or by changing what we do (even though our thinking brain is offline).

The first step in moving to this new paradigm in achieving optimal well-being, that is, Brain Based Health, is to learn more about these wires, and how they become exceedingly powerful! Later, we'll talk about how to shut off these wires and how to rewire them!

Why We Overeat! #2

It's a silly wire!

Dr. Laurel Mellin, Founder, EBT and the Brain Based Health Movement www.ebt.org

Thanks for watching this video and learning more about Brain Based Health. Everyone needs these tools to truly control their stress to help prevent or to more effectively treat overeating.

If you know anyone who is suffering from stress or overweight, send them a copy of The Stress Eating Solution book OR a membership in the community (ebt.org) so they can instantly download the Brain Based Health app and start moving through stress to joy!

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