We've been very careful to keep religion out of EBT.  The skills are universal and can be lifesaving. Why get religion or politics or anything divisive involved? Stick with the purity of the emotional brain, which is, as you know, the purported seat of the soul.

However, there is a nexus between religion and neuroscience.  If you are a student of Buddhism, there is a chance you'll be disappointed in this blog post. My writing was stimulated by a recent article in The Conversation and the observation that non-Americanized Buddhism was far deeper and more gritty than the way it is often practiced today.

A key practice in EBT is collecting Gritty Joy Points. Dr. Arinn Testa, EBT Master Trainer, EBT Director of Research, and holistic health leader, has focused on this, and even has given weekly workshops for the EBT community on it. As the set point of the brain rises, we can sustain Brain State 1 (neural integration) for longer. In those moments when we score a "Joy Point," we sustain and explore the experience. Gritty Joy Points involve being aware of the essential pains and rewards of life, which makes us feel small but connected to that which is more (however we define it).

The list of the 7 Core Circuits of Emotional Evolution is on the Brain Based Health by EBT app. I'll write more about them because using them as a meditation or contemplation has a centering effect. Facing the gritty realities of life is rewarded by a deeper appreciation of life's grace, mystery, and beauty. If you do not have the BBH app yet, visit our website and download it.

In the meanwhile, pause for a moment, collect a Joy Point, and access as much "grittiness" as you can, then savor the deeper freedoms that brings!