Stress and joy are two sides of the same coin: physiology.

We live in a world of traumas, both large and small, but nobody is left out. Unless a really damaging occurrence happens in our lives, how can we possibly make our way through the emotional rubble to find who we really are?

Yet what if, just for a day, we solved zero problems and just asked ourselves, "Okay, how many Joy Points (moments of neural integration and bliss) do I need to create so that this is the best day of my life?"

Pleasure and pain share the same pathway

The first biological support for that comes from the realization that pain and pleasure traverse the same pathway.

"I know from personal experience with all certainty that EBT is as powerful as medicine for everything. When I raise my medicine dose of EBT, my pain is better. That is the next frontier in EBT is treating chronic pain."

She went on to talk about how pain and pleasure have the same pathway. What EBT does is impact the pain and pleasure pathways, so that joy overcomes stress and suffering.

Am I at One? If not, then score some Joy Points

We we create joy preventively or stop the pattern that we're addicted to and find ways to create natural pleasure. What about the idea of taking just one day and seeing how many Joy Points we really need?

Ask yourself today, "How many Joy Points do I need to create a life of purpose that nurtures my spirit in the way that nothing else ever could?"