With the holidays in full swing, an EBTer posted on our forum boards, "I was wondering if others had some creative or non-threatening ideas on how to introduce some of the EBT tools and concepts to their (not very interested) spouse and adult children.  Maybe straight talk such as, 'Let's try this flow tool together' is best but wondered if there are other ideas out there?" Here are some.  

1.  Ask them to do a Community Connection with you.

Ask them to hold the app and listen to you do the Be Positive Tool and Take Action Tool. Teach them how to go to the app page on Make a Connection and show them the guidelines (e.g., no unasked-for advice). They will feel secure in knowing what to do and perhaps be inspired to use EBT themselves. Plus, they'll see how powerful it is when two people use the tools together.

2. Order them a copy of the new introductory book on the method, The Stress Solution.

Some people want to see the science and practice of EBT for themselves. We created this new book, The Stress Solution: A Revolutionary New Method for Emotional Resilience, as an easy way to get started with EBT. Click here to order it from Amazon.

3. Use the Sharing Tool to ask them to learn EBT.

In some cases, it is most effective to ask them to learn the tools. Here are some examples of using the Sharing Tool to make an effective request: "I appreciate you might not want to do this. I am lonely. I need to feel closer to you. Would you please tell me if it matters to you that I am lonely and whether or not you would be willing to learn EBT? I appreciate you talking with me about this." Another is: "I understand you are not interested in EBT, but I feel scared that without more support to process emotions together, we will drift apart. I need you to learn EBT. Would you please tell me if you would be willing? I understand this is not easy."

4. Ask them if they would like a basic membership in EBT.

A basic membership in EBT will give them their own access to the mobile app Brain Based Health by EBT, 150 video examples of people using the tools to overcome most problems, and drop-in workshops, all confidential and private. Gift them a membership to support them in discovering the power of the techniques at their own pace and in their own way.

The holidays are the high season for love and a great time to include loved ones in EBT. Thanks for asking!