The concept of an emotional blockade being the cause of anxiety and the other "allostatic" emotions caused by stress came to me a year ago. That's what scattered, stuck, and toxic emotions like anxiety cause, a "block" in the brain.

That's not a problem as long as you know what to do about those feelings. Clear the emotional blockade with EBT.  

The more I worked with the term, the more I liked it. I was encouraged to discover that participants in my EBT telegroups found it sticky and were using it amongst themselves. Try using it. The next time you identify that you have a stressed-out emotion (anxiety, shame, irritability, powerlessness, hostility, numbness), say to yourself, "Oh, that's one of those blocked emotions." Then take out your EBT app and spiral up through your feelings: clear that blockade. In a couple of minutes, you'll be likely to feel a lightness, a tingling, and even some joy.

It's physiology, not psychology.

To stop chronic anxiety or even those momentary bursts of self-doubt or self-flagellation that get you down,  start thinking about "blocked emotions."  They block the natural healing biochemical and electrical processes of homeostasis. Anxiety is just a sign that the "emotional blockade" is in full force. It owns us.

If you are curious about how to clear the blockade, it's not hard, and EBT has an app that makes it easy. The next time you are anxious, instead of thinking of it as a psychological issue, see it as a biological one: a stress-induced emotional state that you can clear immediately and without drugs in two to three minutes.

If you have an anxiety disorder, it means the momentary mood is strongly wired. That's not a problem, but it means that your brain's set point is in stress overload, so you not only will need to spiral up and feel great at the moment but are informed that your set point is in stress, so you need to spiral up more often and more powerfully. That's what we specialize in at EBT.

EBT helps you spiral up and raise your set point.

It's a program to raise your set point so you naturally stay in a connected state more of the time. You have more joy. Instead of using mindfulness and running the risk of 1) it not working and 2) suppressing your emotions by being mindful and causing a more extreme anxiety disorder, use EBT. Watch our EBT Essentials videos, drop in for our "no added cost" sessions with an EBT Provider (given 5 times per week), and we'll demonstrate the skills and guide you through spiraling up.

Anxious? Spiral up! Feel grounded, secure, loving, and loved with EBT.