If you need items to add to your Joy Point Bank, you're in the right place. When you feel bad and don't want to do a Cycle, give yourself a Joy Point. Do it the old- fashioned way – PLAY!

In preparation for winter, I'm already adding to my Joy Point Bank, a list of cool ideas that get me to One the fun way:

                                      Laurel's Joy Point Bank

  1. Paint Palms of Hands with Smiles (double Joy Point, definitely)
  2. Buy a Finger Paint Kit at the Toy Shop and Use It Myself
  3. Remember My Dad Singing "Jack the Knife"
  4. Play Jacks
  5. Give our Dog Tammy a Tummy Rub
  6. Do a Cartwheel OR Remember Being Able to do Them
  7. Make Carrot Soup with Walt's Grandchildren (ages three and five)
The main ingredient in carrot soup other than carrots is sprinkles

8. Color Eggs Even if it is Not Easter

9. Have a Bubble Bath with a Rubber Ducky

10. Stand in the Hot Shower and Glow

11. Empty All My Drawers into the Center of My Room (Triple Joy Point!)

12. Bring to Mind My Best Bike Ride Ever

13. Light a Candle and Blow it Out

14. Remember Dancing to "It's a Wonderful World" (Gotta be four JPs, minimum)

15. Pray for World Peace

16. Look at the Sky (anytime, anywhere)

17. Touch the Grass with Both Hands

18. Play Chopsticks on the Piano

19. Wiggle My Toes

20. Think: "I am CREATING joy in MY life."

Actually, creating this list was so much fun, I'll add that to the list, but right now, I'm going to buy those finger paints and a brand-new set of jacks and balls.

Now, it's your turn! Have a BLAST!!!