The Emotional Brain Training tools give us more power to live our best life, as they are science-based: an integration of the neurophysiology of emotional resilience and the power of positive emotional plasticity.

However, there is something magical about the emotional brain. It is the seat of the soul, enabling us to radiate out to others and to connect with something that is more. At the same time, our prefrontal cortex awakens us to our separateness, that our life on this planet is finite, our bodies take maintenance, and the buck stops with us, at least for now.

How do we move forward in life with grace and ease, given the complexities of the brain and life? After 40 years of studying EBT, I think it is by drawing upon the four rules of the emotional brain. There is a certain trust here: knowing that if we just do these things, the grace of life will take care of the rest. We will experience the ultimate reward in life: freedom.

                                 The Freedom Pledge

I am a loving being. I give myself unconditional love.

I give myself unconditional love. Even if everyone else on the planet rejects me for good reason, I will not reject myself.

I am an emotional being. I process my emotions and get to One.

I am committed to processing all my emotions, gritty or not, and spiraling up to Brain State 1.

I am a physical being. I take exceptional care of my health.

I honor my body and give it just what it needs for me to be healthy and live my best life.

I am a spiritual being. I move forward with clarity and purpose.

I know what I expect of myself, face the essential pain, and reap the higher-order rewards of a purposeful life.  

Take this pledge. Share it with others. If we follow these four rules of the emotional brain, we will never be alone. We will have ourselves, a connection to the deepest part of ourselves, and the freedom to be all that we can be in this world. Then connect with others who take this pledge – and together we will see what a beautiful world it can be!