How nifty! At will, I can score a Joy Point. You can, too.

The reality that we create our own joy in life is so empowering! It's also maturing. The essential pain in life is that nobody is going to make us happy. If we want joy, we must actively seek, produce, and savor our joy.

The 7th Circuit

What is the reward? Well, the 7th Circuit of Emotional Evolution is that I can have joy. To get that joy, I must give. It's not that I must give what I can give. It's that I must give at a deeper level, as if my life depended upon my giving absolutely as much as I can, without destroying myself. And then, by that full-throttle giving, my reward is freedom.

Joy Points come from happy memories, sensual pleasure, and kind acts. However, we can also collect Joy Points by bringing to mind the earned rewards. I'll do that right now for myself. I'll collect a few Joy Points, then score them on my Brain Based Health app.

                                                 My Joy Point Binge
-  I am listening to my dog Tammy snore. JOY POINT!
-  I saw my friend Rob tonight and hugged him and realized that I can love. JOY POINT!
-  I thought my son wasn't coming for Christmas, but then he texted Walt that he was coming. JOY POINT!
-  I felt worried about an issue with Walt. I decided to hold off bringing it up, doing Cycles until I had clarity about it. JOY POINT!

That's five. I feel complete. My JOY POINT meter is now stuck on. I am at ONE. Have a Joy Point Binge of your own. Please Share It!  

The thought of that gave me a Joy Point, so my final number is six. Give it a try and keep bingeing on Joy Points until you feel complete – and notice your sense of comfort and FREEDOM!