Imagine that the line-up of people waiting to have prescriptions filled in your local store was cut in half. Now imagine it cut by 90 percent. What would that mean for the health of our nation? People would be free of medication side-effects and have time to smell the roses, bask in the sun, and hug their best friend, their dog – or both!

The movement to equip all Americans with the simple emotional tools to get from stress to joy is growing. We cannot become a drugged out, medication-loaded country, full of mediocre moods and more bothersome health issues or serious problems (such as the big three killers of Americans – cancer, diabetes, and heart disease).

The brain chemistry is clear! The brain in stress activates cortisol, which is public health enemy #1. Once that cortisol is triggered, if we don't have the emotional tools to shut it off, it begins to impact our brain function, every organ system, and every cell in our body in significant, deleterious ways.

We have the tools, and we need families, couples, and individuals to try them out. Please share this blog with those you love. Become part of the movement to use our beautiful brain pathway to get from stress to joy – and switch to healing chemicals that promote optimal well-being.

Our new Try Out the Tools membership will get you started! Please join this movement. The future of our nation depends upon a citizenry that is at Brain State 1, in which compassion, vibrancy, integrity, and freedom reign!