If you are struggling with eating and weight, join the 71% of us who are. What's the problem? Circuits in the emotional brain are the cause but all our weight-loss methods are relentlessly cognitive or go "blunt force" with surgery.

That's ridiculous! In a society that is seeking science-based solutions, we are not rigorously applying them to the challenge of being overweight. Why? Is it a woman's problem, a problem of the poor and marginalized? What about the idea that drugs are profit makers for pharmaceutical companies or surgeons?

I think the problem is that most people are not aware of the science of the emotional brain. If you are tired of being overweight, check out this series on how to rewire the emotional brain for lasting and quite effortless weight loss.

The Body Circuit

In a formidable article, Vincent Felitti forwarded the idea that people used weight to solve their problems, so the extra adipose tissue wasn't a problem. The problem was the emotional brain's drive to hold onto extra weight.

What's a Body Circuit? The circuit encodes a biological and psychological drive to hold onto extra weight. How do you know you have one? A sign is that you lose a few pounds and then start eating for no reason. You aren't even hungry.

Rewire that Circuit!

The Body Circuit tells us that we get our safety, love, power, protection or some other basic need from being bigger. Usually that drive is encoded in trauma, and it is very hard to change. In EBT, you will not change your behavior, but rewire the Food Circuit (drive to overeat) and Body Circuit (drive to regain weight) that causes it.

Instead of forcing yourself to go up against the strong emotional drives to eat and regain weight, in EBT, you will learn how to rewire both circuits. Only when it feels nurturing to eat healthy and the extra weight feels "out of date" for who we are now will the battle end, and releasing weight becomes easy and even a joy.

The Joy of Releasing Weight

To learn how to rewire these circuits, order the Stress Eating Solution book or join our online program and get the book, the app, and the courses included.