Finding that sweet spot of intimacy is a brain skill. Learn it! We have launched a new six-week program, one hour per week for singles or couples, and our missing is to make relationships healthy and rewarding even during stress!

Having been through divorce myself, I am appalled at how a few simple tools based on brain science can help enormously. I wish that this set of tools was on milk cartons. It's not, but at EBT we've renewed our commitment to package these tools into a short course.

They are universal tools, fun to use, and help us more quickly dig out of those inevitable stressed state, so our partner looks . . . pretty cute. Take tonight for instance. Walt and I were in completely different brain states, with different stress loads in our brains. I'm in the middle of dealing with some significant physical pain, processing a series of three huge family events (that are complicated), preparing to deliver a major talk, and processing the pain of the passing of a cherished friend. There is really no need to give reasons for my stress, as the brain does what it does!

I'm stressed, but Walt is on a well-deserved natural high. He's a person that is all about nature, and he just went on a bike ride, and is soaking in the beauty of nature in summer. Today he connected with both his kids, and as he just went to his college reunion and reunited with old friend, he is in his glow.

I am at FIVE and he is at ONE.


This was a set up for us to merge or distance, deadening our passion and fun. We don't go down that road. We use brain-based health, and it's pretty easy. We used the relationship reset tools of EBT, and this evening, we are both happier.

I said to Walt, "How do people live without these tools?"

He said, "They may not."

We are offering Brain Based Skills for Couples this fall.  We have groups for individuals and couples.  The only need is for you to be in a committed relationship (spouse or partner) and want to learn how to make stress good for your relationships. Yes, good for the emotional closeness, sensual pleasure, and loving companionship.

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