It's Monday morning and people across the globe are feeling bloated from the weekend's parties, late-night indulgences, and in general, treating ourselves to the common excesses of modern life.

It goes pretty well. Then something happens. That something is some silly wire. It's not logical. You can't say, "Oh that specific trigger did it," as there are 100s of triggers, and often the one you "think" triggered it has nothing to do with it. Even a smell, facial expression, or that ray of light coming into the room in a certain way can trigger that Food Circuit, and cause brilliant, highly educated, well-mannered people to careen completely out of control.

What is the BOOM that happens, and why? Stress causes us to numb out, go to an unnecessary low or a false high (all signs of stress), and causes sugar addiction, food binges, mindless eating, whopper-sized portions, and late-night comfort eating. What's the culprit? A silly wire, and here's how it works . . .

Why We Overeat! #3

BOOM! I'm out of control

Dr. Laurel Mellin, Founder of EBT and the Brain Based Health Movement

That's right! These wires can launch the full force of the fight-or-flight response, and nobody ever told us the problem was a wire. How can we blame ourselves for having overeaten when we had no idea that BOOM – "I gotta get some food" was caused by a circuit in our unconscious mind?

As of this moment, now that you know that the problem is a wire, you have new choices about how to approach taking charge of your eating. However, up until this time, you were forcing yourself to go up against a fight-or-flight drive to overeat. Most people are fond of blaming themselves!

I know that sounds strange but the brain takes a certain liking to the familiar, so shutting off shame, and activating a new sense of adventure – switching off circuits, will take time.

Thanks for watching this video and learning more about Brain Based Health. Everyone needs these tools to truly control their stress to help prevent or to more effectively treat overeating.

If you know anyone who is suffering from stress or overweight, send them a copy of The Stress Eating Solution book OR a membership in the community ( so they can instantly download the Brain Based Health app and start moving through stress to joy!

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