Several years ago, we sponsored a three-day conference on EBT at UCSF. It was so much fun, and we had people from across the country speak, all experts in stress, neuroplasticity, attachment, and more.

The most memorable moment for me was when an EBT Provider from the Cleveland Clinic stood up and said that when these stress wires start buzzing, we're all "chemically affected." Soon thereafter, two brilliant researchers, Robert Lustig and Michele Meitus Snyder, mapped out how stress causes our "limbic triangle" to make us spin out of control - chemical surges abounding.

Yes, we are biochemically driven to overeat, sport cravings, feel lethargic and depressed, and pack on pounds when that triangle starts spinning! An array of chemicals start surging, far more than a backpack full of medications can treat. Fortunately, we have a new way to control this massive chemical cascade caused by the stress triangle. We can go to the source – the brain circuit – and shut it off!

Here's the triangle, where it sits in your brain, and how it controls your eating, cravings, energy, and weight! Take a look . . .

Why We Overeat! #4

Now I'm spinning out of control

Dr. Laurel Mellin, Founder of EBT and The Brain Based Health Movement (

In the past, we looked for "silver bullet" medications to fix our problems. Sure, we may need some medications, but the clean, new, neuroscience approach is to switch off the stress chemicals and activate the chemicals of well-being by using something very affordable, and highly effective: the power of the brain to change itself!

Thanks for watching this video and learning more about Brain Based Health. Everyone needs these tools to truly control their stress to help prevent or to more effectively treat overeating.

If you know anyone who is suffering from stress or overweight, send them a copy of The Stress Eating Solution book OR a membership in the community ( so they can instantly download the Brain Based Health app and start moving through stress to joy!

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